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mZuzek said:

At this point I didn't even consider the rumor being real anymore.

I'm... a bit perplexed by it. Not happy about it being only the first game. But I like that they went with a lower price point. The remaster itself looks... it's a huge upgrade, but at the same time, it kinda looks worse than the original. It's a big improvement on a technical level, but the art direction looks all weird. It actually kinda looks like a fangame to me. Something you'd see on YouTube of some Unreal Engine prototype that makes people go "Nintendo, hire this guy!".

It's to be expected, I suppose. Switch games just don't look good. I assume it's because of how far behind the curve it is in terms of hardware, that developers just don't know how to make a good looking game anymore - or the tools they use can't really make something nice for such an underpowered system. Obviously I don't expect next-gen level graphics from it, but that to me is the only explanation for why Switch games always look worse than most games on previous HD consoles, and sometimes even non-HD ones. Dread was great but in cutscenes everything looked like a toy. Prime Remastered kinda looks like everything's made out of clay. I really hope their next console is a big upgrade.

huh??? Switch games don't look good? That's news to me lol. Switch games look great.

And it's the same graphics as the original but updated to be better. The art direction is the same. It's not like they changed the look of the game, they just cleaned up the graphics a bit. Such a confusing comment.