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Some notes and performance observations about Hogwarts Legacy as I have been playing the game on PC.

- The game has a shader compilation pass at the beginning of the game and during loading screens which means other than minor traversal stutters, it's fairly smooth.

- Steam Deck version however skips the shader compilation pass for some reason. Because of this, it compiles the shader on demand and you get that horrid shader compilation stutters. It's quite the shame because otherwise, it runs surprisingly well.

- There seems to be some issues with Ray Tracing in the game. While it is heavy, the denoiser doesn't do a good enough job imo so some parts of the game look a bit noisy with RT on. I'd just leave it off and enjoy the performance gain.

- 4090 runs somewhere between 70-100fps depending on the location at 4k Native Raster. TAA looks subpar as usual but it does have DLAA so Nvidia RTX users should enable that if you are playing Native.

- The cutscene animations are great but the conversation animations are... As per usual with these AAA games, stiff and robotic.

- Environmental detail inside the castle is excellent and impressive.

- The game is both System Ram and Vram heavy but keep in mind there is supposed to be a Day 1 patch which early access users don't apparently get until the official release and Nvidia and AMD are late to release their Game Ready drivers while Intel has already released theirs for Arc...


PC Specs: CPU: 7800X3D || GPU: Strix 4090 || RAM: 32GB DDR5 6000 || Main SSD: WD 2TB SN850