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The Wednesday news:


GOG has four new Deals of the Day and a new Sale:

Steam has two new deals:

The Humble Store has ended its Winter Sale, but it has new sales for us:

And there's also Fanatical, with three new deals:


New Intel Arc driver offers optimized performance in Hogwarts Legacy & Returnal
Intel is the first of the three big GPU companies that has released optimized drives for Hogwarts Legacy and Returnal. Intel has been doing its best to improve overall performance in its Arc GPUs, so this is great news for those owning these graphics cards.
Unfortunately, and other than support for these two games, this new Intel Arc driver doesn’t bring any additional improvements or fixes. Still, we highly recommend downloading it. After all, it packs all the improvements introduced in previous drivers.

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 528.49 WHQL


  • This new Game Ready Driver provides the best day-0 gaming experience for the latest new games supporting NVIDIA DLSS technology including Hello Neighbor 2 and PERISH. Additionally, this Game Ready Driver supports Company of Heroes 3 and the latest update for World of Warcraft which introduces support for NVIDIA Reflex.
  • Introduces support for GeForce RTX 40 Series notebooks

Fixed Issues

  • Adobe Bridge stability issues with 528.02 [3957846]
  • Disable Hitman 3 Resizable Bar profile on Intel platforms [3956209]
  • Discord update causes GPU memory clocks to drop to P2 state [3960028]


Final Fantasy 14 dispute ends in the death of its most popular mod
Ask a Final Fantasy 14 diehard what mods they use and many of them will say GShade, a fork of Reshade that lets you customize the game's visuals. GShade has long been the tool to make the MMO (and several other games) look pretty for screenshots, allowing you to add shaders for a more vibrant or avant-garde aesthetic.
GShade, at least for the moment, is gone. Its creator, Marot Satil, announced in the GPOSERS Discord that it "will not receive updates for the time being." But at the time of this writing, GShade's GitHub page, including Satil's account, have been removed.
Over the last few days, Satil has been battling another modder, NotNite, who made an alternative version of the software called GeezShade. GeezShade is essentially a fork of ReShade that uses a workaround to download and install most of the custom shaders from GShade.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gets a 9-minute gameplay video
IGN has shared a video, showcasing 9 minutes of gameplay footage from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. This gameplay sequence takes place after Cal crash lands on Koboh and must seek out help to repair his ship, The Mantis.

System Shock Remake gets a brand new demo for Steam Next Fest
Nightdive Studios and Prime Matter have released a brand new demo for System Shock today, which gives fans a whole new look at the exciting title coming in March.
>> There's also a new short trailer.

The Callisto Protocol’s February 7th Update is 11GB in size, adds Hardcore Mode, full patch notes
Striking Distance Studios has just released an 11GB Update for The Callisto Protocol that adds a Hardcore Mode to the game. Furthermore, this patch optimizes enemy combat AI when there are multiple enemies surrounding the player, and brings some Ray Tracing improvements. Or at least that’s what the devs claimed.

Here is how you can significantly improve the quality of Ray Tracing Shadows, Ambient Occlusion & Reflections in Hogwarts Legacy
One of my biggest issues with Hogwarts Legacy was its Ray Tracing effects. Even when using the game’s Ultra RT settings, these RT effects can be underwhelming. Thankfully, PC gamers have figured out ways via which they can significantly improve the quality of these Ray Tracing effects.

PC demo & gameplay deep dive trailer released for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Remake
Frogwares has released a PC demo for Sherlock Holmes The Awakened Remake. In addition, the team released a gameplay deep dive trailer which you can also find below.

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