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Sony could make a very easy argument to play it's COD competitor, if they're making one, and if it's worthy enough.
All Sony would need to do at that point, is put their COD competitor on the PS Plus Essential tier every single month as a 4th bonus game.

So for PS customers who like a COD type game, you'd basically have 2 choices. Pay $70 for COD, or pay $60 for Plus Essential and get a COD like game and everything else that comes with the sub all year. As long as the COD competitor was decent, it would be plenty successful this way and would grow Plus subs at the same time.

*I guess PS could also sell it on disc for $60 to keep it lower than COD. They could also gamble making it $70 on disc yet say you get a discount at $60 for subbing to Plus, but then they would risk the chance of the consumer just grabbing the $70 COD disc instead.

Last edited by ConservagameR - on 07 February 2023