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gtotheunit91 said:

Everything is seemingly going against the deal at this point. Especially if the FTC isn't interested in concessions and court is the only option. EU having objections, and the CMA being the wildcard yet we have a bad feeling we know they're going to block it. Especially with the Commonwealth seemingly uniting together on this deal lol

I think the only chance that EU doesn't approve the deal is maybe if regulators have decided to band together to take the deal down for political points because everything before FTC's block pointed towards the deal being approved, heck even an EU spokesperson said that the chances of a deal being approved with concessions are very very high in response to the ABK deal entering Phase 2.

But I'm not sure, EC isn't usually as politically motivated as FTC is and CMA is a wildcard post-Brexit as they want to make a name for themselves (though CMA's boss also said they'd take into account what other regulators do on large deals) I don't think EC will block it but it's hard to tell in the current climate.