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Leynos said:

It's Marvel Fire Emblem.

Eh, it's actually massively different than FE's grid combat, and even steps quite far away from their own XCOM grid formula.  It's actually, as mentioned, quite spectacular once you get into it lol

LudicrousSpeed said:

This is my 2022 GOTY. It’s a great game.

Nice review.

Is it actually like Fire Emblem? Maybe I should try Fire Emblem.

It's funny you say this, just today and part of why I'm here is because I've detected subtle but tangible resistance to anything I've done with Midnight Suns (including the review).  Turns out, all I had to do was look into the gaming communities and saw there was the whole "go woke go broke" crowd that just hates anything that seems "woke" to them about this game.  Granted, some things are definitely a little too leisurely even for my tastes, but it's crazy how they're actually missing out on a solid game because of things like Blade's attempt to create a book club lol

Also, it really isn't like FE.  Fire Emblem is a more (classic) grid combat layout akin to XCOM.  If you like XCOM, then you're more likely to like FE than if you're into Midnight Suns and trying to get into FE.  Then again, if you're just a turn-based strategy game addict, technically they all serve their purposes pretty well haha

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