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KLAMarine said:


Watching a playthrough of it as I type this, I might be able to see why some might not be able to take the story seriously. I'm a gameplay-first kind of player so I don't mind silly or goofy cutscenes if gameplay is good. Sometimes, silly/goofy can still be entertaining and it can lead to fun/interesting set pieces in gameplay...

So far, I think the backlash seems undeserved...

 I can only comment on the demo. Depending on the game yeah I can forgive a dumb story when the gameplay is the focus. DMC,Bayonetta as a couple examples. The gameplay in those is the reason people buy them. Forpsoken made a big deal about who was writing it. Then that writing turned out to be a dud. I didn't find the gameplay all that interesting mainly because the bland enemies who felt like mindless sponges. The art design felt like just UE4 asset use. (I'm aware it's not UE4) and the menus and UI made me personally feel clausterphobic. I love a UI that tries to be stylish yet functional fitting the theme of a game. Atlus does this well in Tokyo Mirage Sessions esp. Just Forpsoen's menus felt limiting usung fisheye and had bad color choices making things hard to read.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!