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It's like the worst attempt at the worst MCU kinda dialogue from 2010 mixed with the annoyance and frequency of a Bubsy game. Never gave a fuck about Amy. Still think Neil is a hack. ND is the most overrated dev in history. (R* not far behind) Bad is bad. IDGAF who wrote it. I love Bayonetta games and Kamiya but I will never claim he's a good writer. He's a brilliant game designer with great ideas but can't write a cohesive story for shit. If Yoko Taro wrote Forspoken and still sounded like it did I'd still hate it. Honestly to me, the best story writers in gaming are Yoko Taro and the team behind the Yakuza/Like a Dragon series. Tak at Monolith is pretty good as well. Spiderman was well done.

ND stuff to me is good at tricking people they're better than they are. They hit the familiar cliche high notes in movies so people recognize it as familiar and therefore good but not really. TLOU is a pretty standard zombie story and wasn't even done as well as TWD. Uncharted the one I played, again very well produced and knows when to hit that popcorn movie notes at the right time to make seem better than it is. Then the gameplay is meh. The story overall isn't really great. The same formula by design modern songs in pop music is done. They've done an entire study on this. Then the gameplay is so average. I like Soul Reaver at the time but it hasn't aged well in any respect..except the VA.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!