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shikamaru317 said:

Definitely disappointed by that The Coalition news. I'm not a Gears fan and Black Tusk was opened to create the next Halo tier Xbox IP. Their first game was Shangheist according to the infamous ntkrnl leak. Then the chance to acquire Gears from Epic came along and Xbox leapt at the chance. Suddenly Shangheist is dead, Black Tusk becomes The Coalition, and now they have been on nothing but Gears ever since.

Like I said to Ice, if how Grubb describes it is true (and he is the only leaker who leaked it) then it wouldn't have been that anyway. Sounds honestly like it was closer to a tech demo than a game, something akin to Project Mara, it's not a terrible loss if the entire reason for it existing is now irrelevant because Coalition feels they have the experience.

Having said that, I still enjoy Gears but I would love to see Coalition try something new after Gears 6 as long as it concludes on a satisfying ending, leaving the possibility of future entries but not an annoying cliff-hanger, then they can try something new (which isn't just to get them experience on UE5, Lol) and then return to Gears a little later if they want.

But I still enjoy Gears so I wouldn't mind them continuing it, whatever they want to do is fine with me. I do think it is a little stagnate from a sales perspective though but I don't know if I should care about that if I enjoy the IP...Plus Xbox doesn't have to rely on Halo/Gears/Forza anymore so Gears can continue as a moderate success, I feel it has already hit its ceiling.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 02 February 2023