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ice said:

Disappointing if true, I really wanted to see how creative they can get making a new IP with no established lore. With that said i'm also pumped for gears 7, maybe they can return to the smaller project when gears is done.

Idk if they'll bother? I mean, it would have been nice to see but the way Grubb describes it, is that its entire purpose for existing was to get them up to speed with Unreal Engine 5, would something like that really have deep lore? Or would it essentially be closer to a tech demo, something like Project Mara? If The Matrix demo did the job of this "new IP" then that really implies it wasn't a deep project to begin with.

I doubt they'll go back to this *specific* project after Gears 6 if Grubb's reasons for it existing are true but maybe they do *something* else after Gears 6, that will likely depend on if Gears 6 concludes the story or not. Really hope the Gears collection rumour is true though to fill the gap between now and Gears 6.