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 I will revisit this thread with a few entries but I will say Square really had a lot of impressive stuff on SNES. Super Mario RPG is impressive for the hardware just not the time period as it came out in 1996.  Konami was impressive with using the SNES modes. Contra III has a lot of good scaling effects and mode 7 in a top down levels. CVIV has the rotating tunnel level which looks 3D but this is before FX chip. Ninja Warriors Again on SNES is near Neo Geo levels in sprites.

Of course stuff like StarFox and Stunt Racer FX were impressive for the era. Not sure I would label them as bet looking as they kinda look like shit lol. The 2D stuff has held up rather well tho.

Rendering Ranger had some cool effects like this pre rendered enemy. There is a lot of this stuff in this game.

Here is one many have not heard of but it had some impressive animations.

Metal Warriors has a very impressive opening that would not feel too out of place on SCD.

I will list more later. SNES just has so many games that pushed that grey box.

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