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~Updated to Here~

Few Stats.

  • Average Prediction for Hi-Fi Rush is 81.6 and it's Currently Sitting at 90 with 51 Reviews.
  • Average Prediction for Goldeneye 007 is 73.9 - Currently Not Enough Reviews.
  • Average Prediction for Age of Empires II: DE (Xbox Series X) is 80.6 and it's Currently Sitting at 87 with 12 Reviews.

Age of Empires II for Xbox increased the overall score on OpenCritic by 1, Lol.

Not a good start for me, Lol. Severely underscored Hi-Fi Rush, I also lowballed Age 2 thinking that it would be along the lines of "It's a good port, but controller is an inferior experience" and instead it became "It's a brilliant port, the controller experience is amazing"