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shikamaru317 said:
gtotheunit91 said:

First it was co-op story progress being exclusively tied to the host and now this. Hopefully there’s no more bad news prior to the launch lol 

For real? That is such archaic co-op design. Might need to go lower my prediction in the league a bit, this double whammy of bad news has me doubting it's ability to score 80+. I also just saw that the PC system requirements seem unreasonably high, the minimum GPU requirement is a roughly 6 tflop GPU, 2 tflops more than Series S, and it has to be the 8 GB of VRAM version of that card, not the 4GB variant, and the minimum is also 16 GB of system RAM, which makes me think the PC port won't be very well optimized at all, which will definitely hurt it's score with PC focused critics.

Yeah it was said in a sit down interview they revealed that info. The PC requirements are decent but nowhere near as bad as Deathloop! It was clear the devs were trying to brute force decent performance. Redfall isn’t as bad, especially for an open world game. 

Here’s the link for Arkane revealing progress being tied to the host