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ice said:

Bethesda's official Redfall FAQ has been updated since last week's Developer Direct showcase (which gave us a deep dive into the upcoming FPS), confirming you'll need to be online to play the game. "A persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op," it states, although no reason is offered for Redfall's always-online nature. The FAQ also confirms that you'll need a Bethesda account linked to your Xbox Gamertag in order to play the game.

Redfall will require "persistent online connection," even for solo play (

Seems like an odd choice but personally I only game while being connected so idk, not as big as an issue in 2023. This does suck for people/countries that don't have a stable internet connection

Xbox one vision is still alive Kappa

Doesn't really bother me we had Outriders that was a solid SP game having an internet connection requirement then we have the like of Forza Horizon with tons of online features that is a blast to play solo and last time I actually gamed offline was when the PS2 was in it's prime.

I do think it will hurt the perception of the game and review scores because of it though so it's an odd choice on their part.