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Barozi said:

I'm quite pissed right now. I played P4G up to February 14th and noticed that I couldn't access the bonus dungeon even though I fulfilled the requirement of getting a certain character's social link to level 10. Turns out I have to speak to another character after beating the regular final boss to eventually trigger that dungeon in February. I've googled several times how to unlock the final dungeon and every time those sites claimed that you only need to get that character to level 10.
My last save was from before beating the regular final boss so I have to do that again and then endure almost two more months until I get to that point again.

I think I made this mistake on my second playthrough, I was under the impression you had to do the secret dungeon in order to face the hardest boss, but you don't. And yeah, I think you have to talk to velvet room attendant in January, wishing them a happy new year. This triggers the oh so and so character is missing.">"><img src="