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Really liked the format of the show, I thought it would be developers sitting down and playing through some gameplay but it was better than that and I was looking forward to that, Lol. It had a lot of gameplay, information and it felt very well paced even with 5 titles stretched across 43 minutes and I thought they all got good showings. Also the graphic design is beautiful, Lol.

- Minecraft Legends looks very fun, I was a big fan of Dungeons, I thought it was severely underrated, I was also expecting an April release date too, day one play for me.

- Forza Motorsport looks beautiful, it sounds like it has a lot of improvements and a nice amount of content on launch.

- Looking forward to the next ESO DLC...Not a huge fan of Morrowind's environment but Hermaeus Mora is awesome and nice to see more of the map filled out, Lol.

- Redfall looks great and I definitely saw some of those "Far Cry" comparisons coming through, May is a fine date, another day one play for me.

- Still shocked that they shadow dropped Hi-Fi Rush, Lol. It looks awesome, I'm getting a blend of Sunset Overdrive, Jet Set Radio and a bit of ReCore vibes from it. The heck are we going to do with Prediction League for Hi-Fi Rush? Lol. Likely playing it.

- Only L is that Forza Motorsport didn't get a date, I'm going to go ahead and guess that I was right about the hiring freeze hurting development, I'd now guess that Forza Motorsport is an August or September release.


Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 25 January 2023