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Oof, sales lower all around for the year than I expected.

Coming into 2022 I thought Switch would do about 2m more than it did, definitely thought there was no chance it'd be under 20m.

PS5 in its second full year only selling 13m...ouch! I figured it would at least do over 15m. What happened to the millions of systems they had stocked heading into the Fall?? Just demand wasn't there? Not a great sign for PS5 going forward. Or did they actually sell them but the rest of their year was so low the year figures are still bad?

And Xbox, geez even just at like early December I thought it would get over 10.5m but then holiday sales after Black Friday were at least a couple hundred thousand less per week than I guessed.

Just a really weak year in general other than Switch selling mountains of games, and well of course Switch still sold extremely well for any system historically, just lower than expected for the year. With supply problems clearing up this year though and Nintendo planning to actually increase production (which still seems hard to fathom) maybe 2023 should definitely be a bigger year for the industry.