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DonFerrari said:
zero129 said:

How does that disagree with "SE picking reviewers didnt pay off"?

It disagree from your original intention before the scores showed off and your implication of SE picking reviewers to get a better score/reviews. Or you are going to pretend that wasn't your insinuation when first bringing the point?

What intention do you mean?, my original post about this was i didnt have much hope for the game since Se was Picking reviewers who could review the game and thats never a good sign, everything after was a reply to someone who kept questioning my reasons as if i was only saying it as someone who couldnt play the game if i wanted to since i am a PC Gamer and the game is on PC that was never the case. I said all along i didnt have much hope for the game and i was right. Now like i said SE's plan of picking reviewers didnt pay off for them as they must of thought picking was going to give them higher scores. So exactly once again what point are you trying to make here?.