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crissindahouse said:

Scholz makes me sick and he doesn't even do it to be an asshole. He really believes it's the right thing what he does which makes me even more sick.

It's pretty sad that they aren't sending any themselves (yet) and that they even have to do an audit of their stock (unless that is a lie), I'd have thought any competent military would already know what it stocks and the state it is in, especially for more recent equipment and shouldn't they have done this months or even weeks ago?

I think after this is all over, a few countries are going to be second guessing their military deals with Germany, Scholz has potentially done notable damage to Germany's military industry if other countries are spooked by Germany's actions over the course of this war, and Germany is meant to be a leader of Europe. I'm surprised (or maybe I haven't seen it) that KMW and Rheinmetall aren't more pissed at Scholz.

I'd feel a bit uncertain as a country if I couldn't send my tanks to an ally because of Scholz's scared, feet dragging and seriously start considering switching my Leopard's out for another supplier who fucks around less, I.E. America, UK or South Korea. Of course other things matter though such as who actually has the best tank for the environment...Not an expert in how Leopard compares to Abram, Challenger and K2 Black Panther.

They're heading in a more positive direction by finally not blocking others from sending Leopards, but if it takes longer than a couple of weeks to approve Poland's request (even a couple of weeks is being kind to Scholz), then Scholz can get fucked, Lol. It'll be pretty sad if we end up in a situation where almost everyone is sending MBTs aside from Germany though, I hope once the floodgates are opened that Germany will be alongside us.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 24 January 2023