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zero129 said:
DonFerrari said:

But weren't you saying Sony selecting limited outlets to send codes would inflate the score? And isn't 720p for PC?

Sony didnt select anyone it was SE. And well you can see the first two reviews from who they selected . But i guess SE's idea of limiting who could review the game didnt pay off as they hoped or the ones giving it them scores got the game early other ways. Also Pc can play in any res so no it isnt exclusively 720P on PC unless you playing on really outdated hardware. And even then you could still play at 1080P but who knows what the frame rate would be like. But this is a shitty port overall. No game on PS5 should go this low its clearly not the hardware as the is much better looking games. This is an unoptimized POS

Or perhaps the reviewers really did review the game as they saw worth independent of any conspiracy theory reason for SE to not give codes to everyone?

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