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I said 60-70m. Sure its definitely doing better than XB1. And while it is currently beating the 360, we have to remember that the 360 started off with abysmal sales and it only later on started getting decent sales late in life as the obscene prices of the box and PlayStation came down later in the gen, while at the same time motion controls just turned into waggle controls on the Wii for the most part so the Wii sales faded and people started looking at the other systems. It was a weird gen.

Xbox only sold what looks like just shy of 10m this year. That's not good. And it's got a $300 model so it's not like the price is putting people off who are waiting for it cheaper. It ain't gonna reach 360 numbers. It'll probably get to 50m and then peter out in its last couple of years and end up at like 65m+.