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zero129 said:
ConservagameR said:

At least Sony didn't knock anyone out of consoles. MS thought about buying Sega but didn't because they thought Sega was to weak to ever take out Sony, so it would be a waste of their time and money. Instead MS launched XB, ending Sega's consoles for good, while aiming to take out PS.

So i guess the original Xbox came out while the saturn and Dreamcast was on the market?.

It's hard to believe that Sega didn't know anything about XB since MS did some work with Sega on Dreamcast before MS pushed them out.

Even if Sega didn't know prior, then they knew in 2000 when XB was announced to the public. Dreamcast production didn't stop until 2001.

Sega likely saw that the writing was on the wall and decided to get while the getting was good. First Sega, then eventually Sony.

zero129 said:
ConservagameR said:

MS get's taken to court for being the worst kind of monopoly, that uses it's power to squash would-be rivals before they're even out of the gate, and is found guilty and get's ordered to separate. Gates even stepped down as CEO during this, coincidentally.

This doesn't prove anything as to MS being extremely controlling and monopolizing? I thought MS wasn't a saint but neither is the competition.

Yes we get it you hate MS and like to blame them with Shitty takes for everything meanwhile you bury your head in the sand and put your hands on your ears saying na na na when it comes to Sony. Your not even worth arguing with anymore.

I wasn't asked to bash Sony, I was asked to explain MS.

You don't seem to go out of your way to bash MS or praise PS, yet I don't find that appalling. Difficult maybe but not deplorable.