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I'm generally opposed to acquisitions, and I'm generally opposed to the for-profit attitudes every market has. 

How much I care about a specific acquisition varies though. 

Third party publishers I think are best staying as third party publishers. Third party developers can be tricky. They don't tend to be able to support themselves and they need some kind of backing from a publisher. I am not generally too bothered if a developer has primarily made exclusives gets bought by that company. Microsoft buying Playground Games made a lot of sense, and that is probably a deal that benefits everyone. Playground gets more funding. That benefits people who buy their games. It benefits the platform holders and it doesn't take anything away from anyone. 

More bothered by Sony buying Bungie. Third party publishers/developers should continue supporting other platforms. (Which at the very least Bungie and Activision seem likely they will continue doing that.)

On the other hand, I have kind of accepted that this is the market right now. I'm at the point where I just want the acquisition to be done, and wait and see what Sony does after that. (Nintendo too, but I don't think they need to respond in the same that Sony will.)