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the-pi-guy said:
twintail said:

With TloU1 and 2 sales seeing increases with the TV show (naturally), I'm surprised Sony hasn't done anything with the Twisted Metal series. There are 5 titles on PS1 (4 mainline, 1 spinoff) and releasing these not only increases profile of the IP going into the show, but also makes Ps Premium just a tiny little bit better than whatever it is now lol.

I'm sure the next game will release around the same time as the TV show.

I dunno.  Maybe. I think TloU 1 Part 1 is more happenstance than anything calculated. And if Twisted Metal is a live service title as rumoured, I doubt Sony is going to release it any faster if it's not ready. 

But ideally it launches around if not after the show. I look forward to seeing what they have planned for the game.