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Machiavellian said:

I disagreed with this view point.  Its not like Nintendo viewed consoles as a toy but instead as a game machine for the whole family.  Nintendo did not waste time going after the graphics crown but instead stuck to their own strengths which has allowed them to continue to print money and not sell their hardware at a lost or even have to discount their own software.  Nintendo does not have the benefit of making mistakes like Sony and MS, they cannot rely on other parts of their industry to keep them afloat during heavy losses or failures.  While the gamecude did not sell like game buster, it did very well and from there Nintendo has consistently been in the green.  I give Nintendo props for understanding their strengths and weakness, not chasing after their competitors and dominating their niche which they have proven very successful at.

The GameCube was seen as a lunch box, teenagers didn't want it, it looked too 'kiddy'. Also not going with full size DVD discs was a big mistake. Losing the benefits of cards, while at the same time having less storage space and can't double as a DVD player which is one reason PS2 sold so well. Btw they did go after graphics with the GameCube. Gamecube had a faster CPU and faster GPU than ps2, 1.5x the Gflops of ps2. Nintendo corrected that course with the Wii.

Maybe Nintendo saw the GC as a game machine for the whole family, still completely misunderstood what the average teenager wants. Anyway perception has changed over the years and mobile gaming is now accepted as the norm since mobile phone gaming took over the world. The Switch is perfect for today, from 6 to 80 years old. The WiiU not so much though. I loved the thing, but Nintendo failed to market it successfully.

At least Nintendo tries something new every generation! Makes me wonder whether we'll get a Switch 2 (chasing after the SteamDeck) or something different again.