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kazuyamishima said:
zero129 said:

Whats ironic about my opinion?, also how does what some other gamers say change what "i" just said?. Impressions of this game so far have not been good, thats even going by most gamers who played it on this site. Now they are being selective about who to give review codes to and dont plan on lifting the embargo until the day before release. In at least 90% of the cases this type of stuff is never a good sign.

Most previews from people having the game early suggest the game is a 7-8/10.

The selectiveness from developers with the media is not unusual and it’s been happening for a long time, examples like Sony sending copies of Spider-Man MM PS5 version but not the PS4 one, Ubisoft sending AC Valhalla PS5 version late compared to the Series X version and so on, All in all, developers and publishers are very picky.

As for the review embargo getting lifted a day before launch is also non Unusual, there are many cases like Zelda BOTW , RDR2 and more lifting the embargo a day prior launch.

This game is not GOTY material but I do not understand the insane quantity of hate the game is receiving 

I wouldnt trust selectively picked reviews .

Also Sony and Ubisoft sending out reviews for PS5 or Series X versions of games isnt the same as selecting what reviewers can review any version of the game.

And copies of RDR2 and BOTW where send out well before launch its just they had an embergo on them that alone isnt concern but selecting a few reviewers along with that is concerning and is why i said 90% of the time its not a good sign the is still 10% chance it could turn out good like some games that done this before have.

Also you can thank the demo for much of the negative view on the game and whats been shown looks blend and boring.