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KratosLives said:
chakkra said:

Okay.. let me see if I understand this; so you are saying that it would be better for Xbox owners if Microsoft started today creating 10+ studios from scratch, and then start seeing the fruits of said studios in the next 5 years at minimum.. instead of, you know, playing Diablo and COD day one this year..

Huh.. Going by that logic, I guess it would have been better for PS owners if Sony had started a new studio from scratch 4 years ago instead of purchasing Imsoniac.

Cod, diablo 99% of other games were going to be released on xbox day one regardless of the aquisition. So yes i'd love it if microsoft took first party/ third party exclusives  seriously, and from 3 to 4 years took on the Initiative to try get on sony's level and bring on the exclusives for the series s/x, so I can play them , along with the many other thirds party offering , that were coming.

Seems to me they have been working on that..

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