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Blood_Tears said:
trunkswd said:

OP updated with VGChartz article on December NPD.

Aqua over at Install Base leaked NPD numbers for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S up to Nov 2022. (Not sure if I am allowed to link to the thread itself of that forum but there's lots of good info there so it's worth a look anyways)

Jun-22: 277K
Jul-22: 301K
Aug-22: 341K
Sep-22: 494K
Oct-22: 456K
Nov-22: 1328K
LTD as of Nov-22: 10592K

Jun-22: 260K
Jul-22: 247K
Aug-22: 251K
Sep-22: 288K
Oct-22: 261K
Nov-22: 730K
LTD as of Nov-22: 8736K

Thanks for the information. Excluding November we aren't a crazy amount off. Looks to be about ~54K too low for PS5 from June to October and ~96K too high for Xbox Series. November though definitely the biggest amount off. PS5 about ~148K too low and XS ~294K too high. And yes, as always I will do adjustments. 

I guess there weren't any Switch leaks?

Edit: These adjustments look like it means our estimates will have Xbox Series a little bit below 10M for 2022. 

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