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ConservagameR said:
zero129 said:

Just like they did with Sony by not accepting their bad deal, Sony was literally trying to trick Nintendo and then set out to try destroy them when Nintendo left them red faced after finding out what Sony's plan was. Now Nintendo is number 1 in the console market so that didnt work out well for Sony.

Btw you remind me of another user we used to have here. Funny you only joined a year ago too. The mods really should check you out make sure your not him.

Coming up with a better deal would've been best, but that's maybe expecting a lot from Nin and Sony based on how things were back then. Lot's of people say N64 would've faired much better against PS1 if it had discs instead of carts, yet not at the expense of giving Sony too much control. PS1 wouldn't have even been a thing if N64 ended up disc based if their partnership had been worked out.

Just because Ken wanted to get into console gaming, didn't mean he wanted to end Nin, though if you wanted to extrapolate, I guess it's possible Sony could've eventually tried to. Yet all this time, even after feeling betrayed, where Ken wanted to go after Nin and make them pay, PS still hadn't come close to ending Nin and nowadays looks to be leaving them alone.

At least Ken just wanted to get into gaming for gamings sake initially, where as MS wanted to put a stop to PS growth, and now wants everything.

A mod mentioned that earlier on and already made it clear they looked into it already. Didn't exactly make me feel welcomed the way it was handled. I've known about the site since PS4, so 2014 I guess, and checked it out here and there, just never decided to sign up until more recently. Was just bored one day and decided what the heck. Not sure why I remind people of someone else or why that would be a problem. A few people here remind me a bit of a few friends I have, though that doesn't strike me as odd. Not everyone is purely unique.

The couldnt be a better deal for Nin. Sony wanted to use Nintendo to put the "Playstation" onto the market like a trojan horse to break into the video game market.

The CD drive Sony was making wasnt even a CD add on for the Snes but its own thing called "The Playstation" that could also play Super Nintendo games. Nintendo wasnt already happy with how Sony was with the Sound chip for the snes so when they seen what Sony was planning with the Playstation they backed out but the was still talks ongoing even after the fact they just couldnt agree on the contract. When this didnt work out for Sony they went to Sega to try work out a deal with them. The deal didnt even make it past the board of Directors at Sega. (Does this not sound like someone else your so against?)

With no one to partner with Sony went ahead and decided they would make their own console. They where clearly out for Nintendo and now Sega. They went after Sega's market first. Since they where rich compared to the other 2 companys they used their influence on music and TV to bring movie stars and music stars from their record labels to boost about the PS1, they where able to make the license fees much cheaper then the other 2 console makers could, after Sega gave their price of the Saturn Sony came out and undercut them by $100 since they could afford to. Their They spend millions on TV adverts targeting the user base that Sega had (Teens). Pretty much back then they where the MS you are talking about today, They could get deals, use their movie stars and musicians, pay much more for adverts they used their wealth to break into the console market something Nintendo and Sega couldnt as they where small fish compared to Sony who had billions. They wanted to take over from Sega and Nintendo and used their wealth to get there. Now Sony are facing a bigger fish than them selfs and your here complaining about MS is just funny when a person knows Sony's history.