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KratosLives said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

No offense intended but like.. what in the actual fuck are you talking about? Goopy is that you? 

Here’s what you said: please please someone give me a reason this deal is good if you hate Xbox has no exclusives 

And I replied: this deal gives them loads of potential exclusives 

And to that you reply: but GamePass is for poor casuals and REAL gamers will see there are less exclusives and MS won’t spend money on exclusives if the deal goes through!!!

Yes, MS won’t need to spend money to moneyhat third party games as much if the deal goes through… because ABK will provide them with many. 

Feel free to call my bluff but what games has MS signed up recently that compete with CoD, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, or Starfield? “but those games were coming anyway!!” Yes, and now they’re coming to GamePass, and now I don’t have to deal with Sony signing exclusive content from the games. 


Youll still have games like Bleeding Edge, Pentiment, and Grounded, which only happened because of Bill Gates money. 

Complete win/win for Xbox gamers.

Are you narrow minded or can't comprehend my most? 

As a multi console owner , that deal means I get less AAA  big budget games by the time the console cycle is over, from xbox,  than what I would have if they don't get the purchase. 

The post is easy to understand, your point just doesn’t make any sense. 

You won’t get less “big budget AAA games” (shifting goal posts by the way) from MS than you otherwise would have, because the acquisition gives them a slew of titles that they can make exclusive. It also gives these studios funding to make better games, like developers of Wasteland 3 and Psychonauts 2 both said, and it also gives them the freedom and resources to make passion projects that otherwise wouldn’t have been made. Again, that’s according to the people who made the games I listed in the last post. 

Just because they’re investing 70B into this acquisition doesn’t mean they’d invest that in other games without said acquisition. And again, yes, we all know games like Starfield or Elder Scrolls were coming to Xbox anyway. But now they’ll come to GamePass. And now Xbox owners don’t have to worry about timed exclusive BS or publishers removing content from the Xbox versions to sell to Sony. I mean looks at Starfield. It went from a game that would have been PS exclusive for a year, to a day one GamePass/Xbox game with no Ps exclusive content. 

Still waiting to see how this isn’t an advantage for Xbox users.