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Thanks a lot for your hard work making this list possible mZuzek!
Really like that one can view the results from so many different angles. Was pure joy going through the top games per system and year as voted by the community.
As a series Zelda is hard to beat and Nintendo just dominates the top.

I was surprised Metroid Dread got such a high ranking since it still is a fairly new game. Need to try it out sometime.

Also glad Starcraft made it to top 50. To me that game is the most concentrated form of "cool" anything.
And even another RTS masterpeice Age of Empires 2 just breaks into the top 50.

I have tried many times to get into Zelda BotW, but no, I just don't like it very much. It still sits comfortably at top of the list and I think it will do so for the upcoming years as well. Maybe some votes will go to Tears of the Kingdom instead next time to shake it up a little?

Fun as always and thanks again for all the work put into this!