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Mar1217 said:

I wouldn't be surprised if the two AI : The Somnium Files games were unique to my list haha.

They weren't, that information is actually on the list's third column. "Votes" being how many people listed each game, so the first Somnium Files was on 5 lists and Nirvana Interactive was on 2.

By the way, the reason the list is split at a seemingly random number (#381) is because that's the point from which every game on had at least 2 votes. I always do it like this, but don't always make the biggest effort to clarify it.

Ultrashroomz said:

TIL games on Tesla cars are a thing...

I know, right? It was on sergiodaly's list, I was looking through it and said wait, Tesla Model 3, isn't that a car? So I asked him, isn't this a car? And he said, it's a car.

To say I was dumbfounded would be an understatement

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