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Mnementh said:

Thanks mZuzek for hosting the event. I look into it in more detail later. Although I had thought Elden Ring would be able to crack the TOP 10. Maybe next year.

Sadly I don't think anything non-Nintendo is cracking the top 10 anytime soon. We got Chrono Trigger still hanging in there for life, at least, but I think the only other franchise to make it inside the top 10 somewhat recently was Final Fantasy and those saw a really steep decline this year.

To be honest, for a long time I didn't think Elden Ring would even crack the top 100, it was in very few of the first half of the lists I compiled, only by the end did the votes start coming in.

UnderwaterFunktown said:

Another year of Symphonia making the top 100 by a hair's breadth, glad to see my number 1 hanging in there!
A bit of shame Undertale and Celeste fell outside the top 100 this year though.

FromSoft games (in general) seem to be placing higher than ever and I think we all know what brought that on. 5 games in the top 100 and not a bad debut for the catalyst itself.

I'm looking forward to seeing Tears of the Kingdom make its dramatic entrance next year. Probably the only game that has a shot at dethroning its predecessor.

And yeah, it was probably the strongest year yet by FromSoftware games, by far I think. I remember Dark Souls missing out on the top 100 recently, now they got several games in there.

Also wondering if Tears of the Kingdom has a shot at #1. Honestly I'm just excited by the prospect of there being a contest, because at the moment nothing comes close to Breath of the Wild.

Kakadu18 said:
mZuzek said:

Whew, that was a lot. Hope there aren't too many mistakes, I did catch quite a few of them as I was building the thread, as always I ask that you tell me if you find anything spotty.

Hope y'all enjoyed this year's Greatest Games Event!

In the top 100 a few numbers are wrong, like #50 being there twice.

That's actually not a mistake, it's like that because there was a tie. So there's two #50's, and then the one behind them is #52. I'm just glad there wasn't a tie for #100, or else I couldn't call it the top 100!

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