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Alex_The_Hedgehog said:

What big titles for Switch we have confirmed for 2023 other than Tears of the Kingdom?

I want to know If this makes sense before voting.

So far TotK is the only huge game confirmed. Also confirmed are a remake of a Wii Kirby game, Fire Emblem, and Pikmin 4.

No doubt we'll be getting more game announcements in the months to come. I think most Nintendo gamers are waiting to hear about Metroid Prime remake, Prime 4, DK, 2D Mario, though out of those only Prime 4 has even been announced as in existence. Also add in waiting to hear when Advance Wars will get a new release date.

2023 could be a HUGE year for Switch games, but we're all just waiting to see what gets announced. Presumably, with over 120m systems sold to start the year Nintndo will be making sure to to get all these popular games/series on the Switch, which probably means a good amount of them should hit this year. But we'll know when Nintendo lets us know.