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Even if a lot of my favorites from a genre is not the popular pick, most of them are at least well received games in their own right.

I guess the game that come closest is Donkey Konga, my favorite in the music game genre. The guitar hero games is just difficult for me on higher difficulties. The number of different combinations of multiple buttons feels to me like I need a second brain to keep track. Having just the two bongos and focusing on keeping the right rhythm is just enough game play for me to enjoy the music.

Other games have better music and some like Elite beat agents, my second best music game, even have compelling stories. But I just smile with joy when I feel like having a go in Donkey Konga. I wish I knew just what I like about it so much. Last time I played it I even felt like I needed to bump it up on my favorite games list. It is one of the games I spent the most time playing. When it released I basically just went to school and played the game. Beat my siblings playing with my feet while they played normally. Good times.