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 There is not a better Fire Fighting game than Burning Rangers on Saturn. It's SEGA arcade goodness in a console title with an amazing soundtrack.  Such a unique game. Yes for those wondering there has been a fair number of games where you fight fires. Not sure about recent years but in 32-bit era and PS2-Wii there were a few.

Metal Gear Rising is the best 3D Ninja Action game ever made. Even over Shinobi PS2 which is underrated and the Ninja Gaiden series or even Sekiro. The cutting of everything never gets old. Sure you fight demons in the others or a giant headless ape but the first boss in MGR is a Metal Gear Ray. The parry system is a fantastic addition to the already fun mechanics of the game. Add to the rocking soundtrack with tracks like It has to be this way or Rules of Nature.  NANOMACHINES SON!Oh and a Robot Dog.

Last edited by Leynos - on 15 January 2023

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