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I just recently finished Little Town Hero, so I'll go with that for my pick. I believe reviews for this game were mixed, but I love it. The whole time playing all I was thinking was, "FInally an RPG where you actually have to think." You can't just spam the attack button or just use your most powerful spell to plow through everything.

That's my problem with a lot of JRPGs and why I stopped playing them. RPGs are supposed to be about strategy, but invariably they almost always come down to brute strength, level grinding until you're strong enough to plow through everything in your path without a single thought.

LTH was such a breath of fresh air. It does the exact opposite of most JRPGs. The whole game takes place in one town, no boring travelling from place to place, no fluff, no filler, no random encounters, no useless items or weapons or party members. There are side quests but they are optional. And most importantly you have to THINK.  I won't explain the battle system here because I don't want to be here all day, but it's more like chess while most other JRPGs are like checkers.

Last edited by Paperboy_J - on 13 January 2023