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smroadkill15 said:

The Ascent, Overcooked 2, and Gears of War series all offer a solid split screen experience.

Thanks, I forgot about Gears of War having split-screen and I do have Gears 5 laying around, not played yet.
That will satisfy the senseless murder itch :)

Runa216 said:

Not split screen but Elden Ring is VERY coop friendly. If it's you and your partner, I imagine a whole lot of 'ooh, I found a flower' followed by 'BABE THIS TANK KNIGHT IS AFTER ME! CAN YOU DRAW SOME AGRO PLEASE?!'

Good fun. Only problem is that the invasions fucking suck and anyone who participates in them are trash people.

Yeah no, got to be simple, stress relief, not looking for more stress :p

Barozi said:

Every Borderlands game.

Honestly, I would suggest you to get a cheap secondary console (Series S for example) and hook that up on another TV, preferably in the same room. That way you have a much bigger selection. That's certainly what I would do if my wife was playing videogames....

We do have 2 tvs in the living room already and 2 ps5, but rather play on the same screen with one sound source. 2 TVs is not ideal with different sound profiles. But as a last resort, it is an option. Does that work in LAN co-op or are do we still have to deal with our shoddy internet?

I played Borderlands yet it misses the mark due to its open world RPG quest nature. We're just looking for senseless action without any possibility of getting lost! We have the other bases covered already :) The FPS version of streets or rage 4 is what we want.

Anyway will try Gears 5, should fit the bill.