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VAMatt said:
ironmanDX said:

You got some sources? I read this that was a very... Pro xbox site and didn't take much stock in it.

Quite like the people vaping into the series X at launch.

You believe that VGChartz is a very pro Xbox site?  I think this place is reasonably well balanced.  But, to the extent that it is out of balance, it definitely isn't slanted in favor of Xbox. 

Ah no. I mistyped. Been here since 08 and primarily play on xbox. I'm aware. 

I meant to say that I first heard about this from a pro xbox site and didn't really consider it to be any more than a rumour or a 1 in a million case.

The Google search images provided doesn't help either tbh. They're all likely publishing their articles from the actual source that I wanted to read.

I wanted to know where this came from... And why now? All of a sudden. Just odd, is all.