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DroidKnight said:
SvennoJ said:

Any reason why it wouldn't leak horizontally as opposed to vertically? Or does it still leak but drip onto non conductive parts when horizontal? Why does it leak...

Gravity is working against it in the vertical position.  There is a protective layer of plastic around surrounding area and foam thats designed to prevent any spillage from occurring.  

The repair shops are unsure what exactly is causing the liquid metal to leak out, but they are speculating it could be an initial shock to the unit, like placing it down too hard, a drop, too much vibration, but they don't know, nor do they know how little or wide spread this could be.

Hoping for a big nothing-burger, and Sony, I would think, will be addressing this.

Ah that makes sense. If it's laying flat it would just pool around the edges and not go anywhere. How much can you lose before cooling gets too inefficient though. I guess it's not a widespread issue as overheating is not widely reported. But should be fixed regardless.