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1. Treasure of the Rudras (Super Famicom)

2. Borderlands The Pre Sequel (PC)

3. Elden Ring (PC)

4. Final Fantasy I Pixel Remaster (PC)

5. Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster (PC)

6. Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster (PC)

7. Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster (PC)

8. Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster (PC)

9. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster (PC)

10. Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU)

11. Live A Live (Switch)

12. Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

13. Blazing Chrome (PC)

14. Contra (Arcade) (PC)

15. Borderlands 3 (PC)

16. Mega Man 9 (PC)

17. Pier Solar HD (PC)

18. Alwa's Legacy (PC)

19. Yooka Laylee (PC)

My final list for the year. I finished Yooka Laylee this morning, but I'm counting it as I just had the final boss to do. I'd also like to thank my Steam Deck for doing some heavy lifting. Almost half of the list was played on the deck, and I only got the thing in October. Being able to play anywhere in the house really bumps up my game count.

Last edited by CladInShadows - on 01 January 2023