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Personally I opted for an Acer Nitro 5 last year... For about $850 AUD. - Intel i5 11400H, RTX 3060, 8GB of Ram, 512GB SSD, 1080P IPS 144hz panel... So I dropped in 32GB of DDR4 3200mhz Ram and a 2TB nVME SSD and called it a day.

And like you alluded to... The 11400H is hot garbage, only 6 CPU cores, 2.5-4.5Ghz CPU clock... But it does have a 35-45w TDP, which does help maintain higher clocks than say... 10-15W CPU's would. Bonus. At the expense of battery life. - Roughly comparable in performance to the Ryzen 5600H.
But it also doesn't have a P and E core setup, which means compatibility wise, it does have an edge over the 12th and 13th gen chips... Which was my argument for opting for this class of notebook. - That and AMD still doesn't seem to get many design wins with competent GPU's at a decent price point, which is a bizarre turn of fate when Intel+nVidia offer better value.

But that is the point of this system and systems in this class, cutbacks to DRAM and CPU to sell us a better GPU and Display, which arguably have the biggest impacts to gaming... With the cost burden of RAM shifted to the consumer.

In terms of GPU, you will probably see roughly a doubling in terms of overall performance compared to the GTX 1650, some games will be 50% faster, some 125% faster depending on game and where the bottleneck lays. (CPU or GPU.)

You could do a ton worst in regards to hardware.

Remember though, this class of devices are primarily plastic construction, they aren't super durable, rugged machines... And they *are* using older CPU's... nVidia should also be ready to release their 40 series of mobile RTX GPU's as well soon which should offer 50% more performance at the same price points.

I wouldn't use one as a daily driver... I have my desktop for that, but as a secondary machine for when you aren't at your Desktop, you could do a ton worse.

But it also *really* depends on what games/software you intend to play, if you are running say... Civilization, I would even argue dropping down to an RTX 3050 and getting a system with a better CPU and more RAM for the same price will likely be more impactful.

If you want durability out of your device, I suggest taking a look towards Lenovo, I don't use my notebook enough to care about durability, I'd just replace it, hence the Acer, but it might be more of a selling point if you are using it constantly... Rather than once every 6 months like I would.

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