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Farsala said:
Leynos said:

Avoid Dell(Even Alienware),HP. They make junk. MSI has a lot of problems yeah.

Asus, or even Acer is better. See what you can find in those for your money. I just upgraded from my 1060 Acer to a 3070 Asus tho I went over my limit because I want it to last several years.

I have had 0 problems with my Dell. On the other hand my Asus overheated within 2 years. My brother's MSI had similar problems. Honestly not sure which one is actually the best, maybe just certain makes?

@ OP, I bought a Dell Inspiron 7577 years ago, I think it is at least worth checking out that line of computers.

What I found with most gaming laptops, you need the fat heavy ones otherwise airflow isn't great.

I also read that a lot of them have poorly applied thermal paste and sometimes too much of it.

I personally use ThrottleStop to disable turbo boost on the CPU and down volt the CPU. When I do that my laptop runs at about 70 degrees max and maintains a better frame rate then if left with default settings as they generally get up to as high as 95 degrees.