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SvennoJ said:

It's a shame my original one bricked on me. The replacement doesn't have BC nor the SD card reader :(

Same situation for me.  I had a lovely 60gb fat PS3.  It was fantastic for PS2 games, so I stupidly sold my PS2. It eventually started having graphical glitches.  Was forced to get a version 3, devoid of the PS2 BC that I used all the time. I was forced to use PS2 emulation for a while in order to play the games I owned.  I eventually got a CRT again and another PS2 and now all is right with the world.

Anyways, for the question at hand, I'm a Nintendo guy, but the Wii U has zero chance against the PS3. So much wasted potential, and so few games. That being said, the 7th generation ushered in an era of the "big budget triple A" gaming trend that killed off a lot of the AA and smaller games for a while, in addition to majorly increasing development times and a lack of experimentation in that chase for graphics.  I look back on that generation negatively because of it.