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PS3 by a landslide.

PS3 had the most native 1080p games in its generation and the most sound options. It had one of the best blu-ray players for the time with 3D blu-ray patched in later. It supported all sound formats and I still use it as my main blu-ray player, Akira in DTS HD-MA 24 bit 192khz sound for example. It is still the most complete media player and I love the glass door cross bar UI, simultaneously playing little clips of all the videos stored on it instead of boring icons. The original even launched with a multi SD card reader. I could simply pop in my memory card from my 1080p video camera and directly watch the M2TS files on it. It's a shame my original one bricked on me. The replacement doesn't have BC nor the SD card reader :(

The WiiU was great as well, however the pad developed stick drift. BC with Wii was nice to have but cumbersome since you couldn't use the WiiU pad controls, and no BC with GC games. Otherwise a lovely system, I really enjoyed having the map, inventory etc in my hands while the tv imaged stayed clutter free. For that reason the Switch was a step back for me.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 29 December 2022