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BasilZero said:

Cody should be back by Rumble time so here's hoping he gets to be part of the main event.

I dont think The Rock has any time to come back to do a mania match.

He'll likely announce that he will be a part of another movie in a few months.

No idea what his schedule is like, but whether or not they could do that, they shouldn't. This is kind of the biggest test for the WWE. The biggest mistake they've made for the past 20 years is not putting over people when they should. It's particularly frustrating when they give moments that could be used for making stars to people who don't need it. I.e. the Rock ending the summer of Punk, Lesnar breaking the streak, Cena ending Miro's unbeaten streak, Lesnar winning the ruble, Goldberg beating Wyatt, etc etc. We'll see if HHH is going to fix that and use his first Mania to actually make new stars.

Rhea Riplay, Sami Zayn, and Cody Rhodes are definitely at the point where one big win can make them huge stars. Hopefully they all have a good showcase.