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gooch_destroyer said:

The road to WrestleMania is almost here, boys and girls.


Yup. Product's the best its been in a while. The stories are weaving together nicely, and a lot of guys are being allowed to showcase more of their skills. That being said, there are some downsides. It's getting really crowded with all of the returns, and a lot of them aren't doing super well. Pretty much everyone is at least getting some screen time, but people like Emma or Legando Phantasma (or whoever they are), show up and stop feeling like a big deal pretty quick.

Really hoping that the Rock vs Roman isn't the main event of mania. As awesome as the Bloodline is it's time for Roman to drop the belt, and the Rock isn't the guy to drop it to. Cody is probably the best choice if he is healthy. Zayn would be great, but his storyline more appropriately ends with him and Owens facing the Usos for the tag belts. KO would work, but they're doing that at Royal Rumble.

One thing they could do if they REALLY want to have Roman Reigns vs The Rock is do something similar to what they did at Wrestlemania 10. Cody wins the rumble, but puts his title shot on the line against Solo Sikoa on night one, with the condition that if Cody wins, the Bloodline is banned from ringside on Night 2. Meanwhile on night 1 the Rock faces Reigns in a non-sanctioned match to prove who is the head of the table.