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Yes and no.

If somebody has played the original you'd expect their review to be more in comparison to how the original was. Is it better? Is it worth getting the new version if you already played the old version? Has anything from the original been lost? etc.

If somebody hasn't played the original then the review would be more about the game as a standalone today. Probably more forgiving of elements that have been removed from the original, but less forgiving if any seemingly outdated stuff remains. Would be more relevant to those that never played the original too, is it worth getting today even without any nostalgia for the original, or not?

So, it depends on the audience. For people that played the original, the reviewer not having played it would make the review less meaningful, but for those that didn't play the original, the reviewer not playing it would probably be better since they don't really care if anything's been lost of if it's a positive/negative piece of nostalgia.