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I didn't read everything you said op but most of your complains can apply to every story. The simple answer is the writers wanna tell a story.

As far some complains you have I remember reading:
Kratos says this in his diary, he didn't take the peace deal from Odin because he said he would take care of Freya for him, and Kratos didn't want her to die, that's why he said no. Most likely Odin knew this and wanted Kratos/Atreus go looking for Tyr.

As for why Atreus/Kratos make those decisions you complaining about it's simple, Atreus is a giant and he want to save them, find them and from the prophecy from the first game, Kratos dies and he want to change that. Odin is just a threat. Kratos pretty much follow along what Atreus does as he want to protect his son.

Why they attacked Asgard is simple, to reach Odin they have to attack Asgard, Kratos did walk away first, but from what I remember he said something that walking away is how to lose and he wanted vengeance. Kratos also says in the game that trying to avoid fate is how the prophecy comes true.

As how they busted Odins cover is just my speculation but there should be 1 or 2 interviews with the game devs where they explain the story. I Haven't seen them but very early in the development they had already made the decision that Brok is gonna die and this is what they came up with. It was the same with Ragnarök, they wanted it to happen.

And Tyr is not dead, you can find him doing a side mission. And note I'm not a expert on the story so I can be wrong about the stuff I wrote.

My own complains about the game is that the enemy has just to much Hit points. I played on "Give a balance experince" and it's just silly that you rushing towards a simple enemy and heavy R2 jump attack just does maybe 5-10% dmg. Second issue I had is there just to much puzzle to solve.
I had the same complains about the first god of war but replying it a second time those complains went away. But yeah the first 15-20 hours of the game was pretty boring, felt like you were just clearing trash mobs and solving a puzzle every minute.

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