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RolStoppable said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I only count 5. Brazil, Italy, Germany, France and Argentina.

You're having a laugh if you're including Spain. England are just as "grand" as they are, possibly the Netherlands too (the Dutch should've even been considered grander prior to 2010), and Uruguay are even more so.

Spain hasn't done especially well in World Cups (one title in one appearance in the final), but they share the record with Germany for most wins in Euro tournaments at three each.

2 of those Euros were with basically the same team though. They had a great 4 year period from '08 to '12, but they wouldn't even have made a top 10 list of greatest footballing nations before that.

Plus in addition to their 1 more WC than Spain, Uruguay share the record with Argentina for most Copa America wins with 15 each. Given the higher number and the fact that they're spread over 9 different decades showing Uruguay has regularly been winning stuff, I'd say they should definitely be considered one of the "grand football nations" ahead of Spain.